lucciole @ Pitti Bimbo

I’m so happy to announce that lucciole will be at Pitti Bimbo next week, thanks to Paola Noé and the lovely project kidsroomZOOM! 
My pillow and the matryoshka dolls will be in a very good company: you can find something about the other designers and artists hosted in the kidsroomZOOM! space here.



kidsroomZOOM! offers a full spectrum of creative inspiration – from design to contemporary art, from fashion to books, from cookery to learning labs – providing you with the ideal opportunity to find everything you need to create a magical paradise for children. The effective planning of such a spa- ce requires a clear understanding of the key developmental stages in childhood. kidsroomZOOM! will exhibit designs and projects that offer innovative solutions and use materials that have been specifically chosen to stimulate childʼs creativity and independence, helping them through these fun- damental years while they play, learn and grow.”

See you next week in Florence!

Firenze, Fortezza da basso | New View area 17 > 19 January curated by unduetrestella | I Press office Antonella Torriglia


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